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        ABOUT US

        Heilongjiang SungMe Electronic Power Equipment Company Limited, founded in August 2013, is a Main Supplier of China Electric Corporation .

        It is an key decision of China Electric Corporation to set up this company in order to accelerate implementation of the strategic objective of “To be the best in China, and to be the first class in the world”; and accomplish the transformation from manufacture to service.

        The Company provides unified after-sale service and technical support for fossil units after 168 hours’ operation of China Electric Corporation.

        Heilongjiang SungMe Electronic Power Equipment Company Limited is in charge of technical consulting and technological transformation of boiler, steam turbine, steam turbine generator, auxiliaries, valve, bearing, and petrochemical container, as well as power plant equipment spares sale, and equipment maintenance.

        The Product Quality Assurance System of the Company relies on China Electric Corporation and its subsidiaries, and it gets great support on technology and product assurance, which helps the Company explore a successful way with diversified industry. The Company has built up customer service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, which provide one-stop service to the customer.

        The service center will focus on every detail and extend the service in every part of the production to meet all the demands of the customer. With the concept of “cohesion, exceed, integrity, common prosperity”, we will develop ourselves a world class service company of Chinese modern equipment manufacturing industry.

      Head Office:Songhua Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin of China

        Tel: +86 13918959945

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